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Due to some clubs struggling to make a 12 a side team for last seasons Ledgerette cup competitions, it was suggested and voted for at the AGM, to change the format for the Ledgerette cups, to a 6 a side competition this year, in the hope of more / all teams participating.

Every club will be invited to enter the competition - (and if a club has enough players they may enter two teams)
All teams are asked to confirm by texting Russ Munden 07757681123 by 6 September, the number of teams you are entering (even if it is ZERO please).

Teams must consist of a maximum of 4 men and a minimum of 2 ladies.
If teams turn up with more than 6 players then they may switch players after the 3rd leg.
But they must still keep to a maximum of 4 men and a minimum of 2 ladies in the team.
Players are drawn randomly from ‘a hat’ to decide on a teams playing order.

Each team (number of teams at a venue will depend on number of entries) will throw for 5 legs (alternate which team throws first in each leg as done in previous Ledgerette competitions).
Example = Leg 1 ABCDE - leg 2 BCDEA - leg 3 CDEAB - leg 4 DEABC - leg 5 EABCD.
A teams score for each leg will be added together - the highest total score after 5 legs will be deemed the winner.
In the event of the top two sides being equal, (ties for other positions do not matter as we are only looking for an outright winner) = randomly draw 3 players from leg 5 to play against each other = one leg only = highest score wins.
If scores are still a tie then the other 3 players from the 5th leg throw for one leg.
If ties continue then continue to alternate the three players until there is a winner.

The draw for which team plays against which team will be based on the finishing positions of teams in the league - it will not be a random draw.
The lowest ranked side in the draw will have the home venue if available.